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Consumer Privacy Ombudsman and Public Watchdog Services

Data breaches, email hacking, misuse of consumer personal information – the last decade has witnessed an explosion of data privacy issues impacting companies and consumers. Privacy incidents have driven a dramatic increase in national and international laws and regulations, not to mention private class actions and punishing governmental fines for corporate violators. Government enforcement agencies, Courts, and corporations need an experienced and reputable authority to verify compliance and remediation efforts.

Luis Salazar Drafts the Privacy Policy Enforcement Act

Luis Salazar’s representation of companies and clients in this area led him to draft and propose The Privacy Policy Enforcement in Bankruptcy Act. This law requires the appointment of a Consumer Privacy Ombudsman, an independent third party responsible for protecting consumers’ personally identifying information from misuse or inappropriate transfers. In the years following the Act’s passage, the Department of Justice has appointed Salazar as Consumer Privacy Ombudsman to monitor the data of approximately 30 million consumers in nearly 25 matters, including the bankruptcies of Tweeter Audio, Foxtons, ViCorp, North General Hospital, DOTS, BonTon Stores, and Advanced Sports.

Investigations and Watch Dog Services

Salazar’s reputation as a government-appointed consumer privacy watchdog led to additional engagements from businesses across the country, seeking an outside investigator to report on internal privacy issues and incidents, or to serve as an objective verifier of corporate compliance with applicable laws or court remediation orders.

In order to best serve clients in this continually evolving area, Salazar has launched the Consumer Privacy Ombudsman and Public Watchdog Services practice group at Salazar Law. Recently, the Privacy Watchdog team was retained to serve as outside Data Privacy Officer ensuring business compliance with Europe’s new General Data Privacy Regulation.

As businesses collect and use more personal information, and governments enact more data privacy laws and regulations, Salazar and his firm’s Consumer Privacy Ombudsman and Public Watchdog Services group believe demand for these specialized services will continue to grow exponentially.

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